So, who are we? Let us try to show this in one simple image:

The two different worlds that add up to ‘Kroon en Van Maanen’ Photography. Anat Kroon’s world is mathematics. After her studies the love for this subject is unwavering and she wants the whole world to know it. For Erwin van Maanen mathematics is something from another planet and a constant source of frustration. His background lies in journalism, with a special interest in (inter)national politics. How is it possible that these two, almost opposite worlds, came together in 2012 to start a full-time photography business?


For a long time, Anat and Erwin were just colleagues: She as a senior planner and he as an application manager in the telecom business. After a couple of years, we discovered we had something in common: the love for photography. After following many courses and with our well-thought-out concept of storytelling photography, we started out in the summer of 2012. An intensive study on photojournalism at the ‘New York Institute of Photography’ made the circle round.


Two elements were and still are at the center of our work: real people and their history. We love to tell stories and, even more, we love to listen to them. Our curiosity is endless, mutual trust is the pillar of everything and a good sense of humor is indispensable in our work ánd private lives.

And now, finally, for those who are puzzled and confused: What does the formula above mean? It means: ‘Be Greater Than Average’. Which also happens to be the motto of our business.


General information:

email: info@kroon-en-vanmaanen.nl

Chamber of Commerce number: 68668945

VAT number: 857542837B01

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