In May 2018 a special photo exhibition opened at the First Station in Jerusalem. It was an event to celebrate the 70th birthday of the state of Israel: 70 pictures by 70 photographers. One of them was Anat with her picture of an orthodox Jew in his black suit with a charming pink “Hello Kitty” shoulder bag. Her picture was selected out of some 4.000 photos from all over the world. In the end, she was the only European to get selected. On Israeli television they described her picture wonderfully in one word: “Hilarious”.

"Hilarious" Kitty

“Hilarious” Kitty

Asked why Anat choose this picture, she stated that she wanted to show the contrasts between religion and commerce, with the Western Wall as the iconic background. With this explanation, she showed perfectly what we do and what we stand for.

The Speaker of the Knesset and the Mayor of Jerusalem opened the exhibition in front of hundreds of people. Until August ‘Kitty’ and her 69 friends stayed at the monumental station, which dates back to the Ottoman Empire. Due to its success, the collection then stayed a couple of months at the Moshe Castel Museum of Art. A modern museum located in Ma’ale Adumim, which can also be pronounced as a few minutes from Jerusalem.


This is not the only museum where our work can be seen. Another example is the Jewish Historical Museum in Amsterdam. Erwin’s picture was taken at a public Chanukah celebration and showed the Moroccan mayor of Rotterdam together with a rabbi, lighting a candle on the Chanukah.

The rabbi and the Muslim Mayor

The rabbi and the Muslim Mayor

The professional jury loved this combination of a Muslim and a Jew helping each other. Not quite a daily sight, to say the least. Together with this price winning capture, two other photos made it to the permanent collection of the museum. The exhibition showed 21st-century Jewish life in the Netherlands as alive and kicking.


We also had our own exhibition in Rotterdam, showing a collection of photographs from our book “Gezichten van Jeruzalem”. During three months visitors could see our version of Jerusalem, printed on precious dibond (aluminum-like).

Part of the exhibition

Part of the exhibition

As someone working at the venue said: “Some said that by staring at the pictures it felt that they were inside the picture. They really sensed the atmosphere”. Once again that was and still is our intention: pictures that will absorb you. Not by using an overdose of artistic or pretentious distractions, but showing the beauty of reality.