With our first book “Gezichten van Jeruzalem” we show the Holy City and the people living there. To put it more bluntly: With did not want yet another book about Jerusalem full of ‘neutron bomb’ photography: empty streets with beautiful buildings, but without their soul; the people. According to the many positive reactions we succeeded in our objectives. Through street scenes, we take the reading viewer through Jerusalem from one iconic place (Western Wall, Temple Mount, Mahane Yehuda Market, Holy Sepulchre) to another (Mea She’arim, Via Dolorosa, Tomb of the Virgin Mary, Wilson’s Arch).

An ideal present for the returning or future visitor of Israel’s capital.

The book is now in its second edition. You can see a few sections of it below. For those who are confused by the words used: that’s the Dutch language. Click on the cover below:


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And now we are working on our second book, in English: the inspiring, dynamic, and vibrant market of Mahane Yehuda and the surrounding neighborhoods in Jerusalem. You can see and read about this project much more on this site. In fact, it’s getting more and more.



ISBN 9789082412000,

110 pages full color,


beautiful paper and

almost 200 photos.

all descriptions are in Dutch.

The price is € 29.95 (incl. VAT). Shipping costs inside the tiny Kingdom of the Netherlands are € 5,=. You can order the book through our contact form or by sending us an email After receiving the money we send you the book immediately, in a robust cardboard box.

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